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Life is too Short for Average.

Life is too Short for Average.

Now accepting online orders for Fullblood Wagyu Beef with nationwide shipping and local delivery to Utah as soon as the next day.

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We Support Sustainable Farming

  • Pasture Raised

    We believe that animals should live a comfortable life, that's why all of our animals live a healthy life in the sun.

  • Chemical Free

    Our producers do not use hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Additionally, we do not inject our meat with fillers, dyes or chemicals for artificial weight or flavor. We only offer all-natural meat. Experience the difference!

  • High-Quality Diet

    Our animals are fed healthy grass or grains which makes for a full life and more wholesome flavor.

Convenience, Cost and Quality.

Convenience, Cost and Quality.

Stay home and skip the line at the store. Take advantage of wholesale prices on premium, wild caught seafood like Alaskan King Crab, jumbo Argentine Red Shrimp and our hand-picked selection of tasty, sustainably sourced fish.

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We Support Sustainable Fishing

  • Regulation Compliant

    Only about 2% of imported fish are inspected. We carefully source our limited selection of imported seafood and proudly support American fisheries that follow strict NOAA guidelines on sustainable fishing.

  • Wild Capture

    Because wild fish have to work harder for a more diverse diet, the meat is leaner and more flavorful. Naturally, additive-free. Assume all our seafood is wild unless noted otherwise.

  • Frozen Once

    We source our seafood from dedicated fisheries that are passionate about their work. Our fish are processed and immediately frozen to preserve freshness and are delivered to you the way we receive them.